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Nasibdar is a nationally recognized personal hygiene products company serving the consumers of Indian sub-continent for last thirty-five years. We started our business through very humble beginnings in the year 1975, manufacturing and distributing knitted garments, under garments, and baby clothes. In last fifteen years we have diversified into personal hygiene products and grown exponentially to create Nasibdar a very well respected multi million dollar businesses. Our consumers know and recognize us through our brands such as COMFREY® (Adult Diapers), HOPE® BABY (Baby Diapers), and HOPE® GIRL (Sanitary Napkins).

Intimate knowledge of the market segment we operate in, successful collaboration with our partners, and our successful anticipation of consumer needs distinguishes us from our competition. We are committed and will continue to create and share success. We are extremely proud to be part of the Indian success story.

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