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About Nasibdar

Nasibdar is a globally recognized company dealing in personal hygiene products since last 50 years. Started in the year 1965 in readymade business, the company turned into Nasibdar Group in 1996 by spreading its wings to Nasibdar Sons, Nasibdar International & Nasibdar Healthcare Pvt. Ltd.

Corporate Value

  • Integrity

    “Integrity” stems from the Latin word integer which means whole or complete. We expect our employees and partners to provide complete and consistent commitment of their actions and behaviour. We take this to another level by extending our complete and consistent commitment to our consumers.“Integrity” stems from the Latin word integer which means whole or complete.

  • Honesty

    “Honesty” stems from the Latin word honestus or honor. To be successful, we strongly believe in preserving the reputation and honour of our business, employees, and partners. In simple words, we expect ourselves to be Sincere, truthful, candid- that will not lie, cheat or steal.

  • Innovation

    “Innovation is mother of all success”. We believe we’ll cease to exist without innovation. We continuously strive to find new ways of making our products and processes better to deliver value to our consumers.

  • Passion

    We define passion as the ultimate desire to achieve whatever we set out to do without compromising our values and ethics. We work hard for our customers, employees, and partners with passion and desire to succeed.

  • Quality

    We deliver highest quality by innovation in our processes, manufacturing in ISO certified plants, and by learning how quality is perceived by our customers. Whatever we do we do well.

  • Collaboration

    We succeed by working collaboratively with one another. We leverage each other’s intellect, resources, and commitments to be innovative and successful

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